About Us

At TED İzmir High School, we aim to raise students to attend the best local and international universities with our superior education. We work with the students to help them identify their future preferences and guide them toward the local or international universities that match them best.

The students who take the joint branch courses in the 9th and 10th grades choose the basic and elective courses in the 11th grade based on their interests and abilities. This selection forms the first step that our students take for their career plans. At TED İzmir High School, we support our students all the way to help them understand themselves better, identify their needs, set and pursue their goals in a planned and programmed manner. With our student-focused education model, we enable the students to recognise themselves and identify their interests, abilities and skills and provide guidance to ensure that they set goals and pursue them according to a plan and structure.

With our Scholar Development Program, we guide our students toward research, prepare the conditions for those who are interested in scientific and technological developments, new inventions, and social issues as we become a source for training qualified scientists.

In addition to academic studies, the students are also encouraged to take part in a number of artistic, cultural and sports activities structured for different interests as well as social responsibility projects. Our school offers a universal educational environment with international programs such as the Canada Student Exchange Program and the BTEC International Career Program from the middle school onward. The students are also encouraged to participate in international support activities such as Model United Nations, and Global Citizenship.