The Assessment and Evaluation Department – TED İZMİR KOLEJİ

The Assessment and Evaluation Department

The assessment and evaluation process is fulfilled in compliance with the regulations of the Ministry of National Education and Assessment and Evaluation Rudiments at TED Izmir College. Carrying on works with every branch and department, The Assessment and Evaluation Department;

Make it possible to specify the common institution-specific key criteria in all class levels while assessing the score of participation in the lesson and activities and grade the performances accordingly.

Provide support in order for the Project, Performance Assignment and Portfolio Preparation and application studies in all class levels to function properly in a systemized way in accordance with the assessment principles and practices.

Provide teachers with support in the process of exam and question preparation as of grade 4.

Analyse the tests and questions following the exams, share the results with relevant persons and guide as they are worked on.

Work coordinately with TED Headquarters Assessment Evaluation Department

Make it possible for TED General Tests (Basic Skill Practices, Achievement Assessing Practices, School Tracking Exam) to be applied at schools, results to be analysed and shared with the relevant departments.

Provide support with question banks and exam preparation material in the matter of preparation for the exams (LGS, TYT, AYT)